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At Desoutter & James our aim is to become the reference point for UK wholesalers and distributors looking to discover exciting new Spanish wines. As wine-loving residents of Spain for over 30 years, we have seen a revolution in Spanish winemaking. But we still see that many exceptional wines from Spain are simply not making it to the UK market. We want to change that. With a long background in commercial relations between the UK and Spain, we’ve developed a network of personal contacts across the Spanish wine sector, and a deep understanding of how the sector works. So we can provide you with a single point of access to the Spanish wine market whenever you need it.


Our wines are held in Spain, and can be sold either ex-works directly from the individual wineries, or grouped together in mixed pallets with wines from other wineries. With all the complications following Brexit, that means you, the buyer, still have the freedom to pick and mix wines from across Spain and combine them in a single order. So you can explore Spain’s lesser-known wine-producing regions and native grapes while still keeping costs under control.


Network of Contacts

We’ve developed a network of personal contacts across the Spanish wine sector, and a deep understanding of how the sector works.

Mixed Pallets

We can put together orders of wines from multiple providers across Spain. Giving you the flexibility to choose the range and volume of wine you want to buy.

Groupage & Transport

We offer groupage and shipping from a single point in Spain and can handle all aspects of delivery to your chosen destination in the UK.

Help with Brexit

We help make importing from the EU simple. After grouping your order we can streamline the paperwork to ensure hassle-free transport to the UK.



We offer a broad selection of grapes to reflect the choice available in Spain’s wine sector. From the traditional Tempranillo and the upcoming Albariño, to lesser-known varieties like Bobal, we can deliver against your clients’ expectations whilst offering a route to more interesting and less explored wines.


We work with talented, enthusiastic winemakers across Spain. Focused on small to medium-sized vineyards, we seek out artesanal, family-run producers who combine a deep knowledge and understanding of their heritage with a willingness to be bold and modern in their approach to making wine.


And because we work with a wide range of producers, who in turn work with a wide range of varietals, we can give you access to a selection of wines that will satisfy the core needs of any UK distributor whilst offering the chance to branch out and try new wines that the competition won’t be offering.


If you’d like to know more about the Spanish wine sector or would like to talk more about how we can help your business, please email us at:

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